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Admission Procedures
Admission Procedures
The admission to the PhD program is based on the assessment of CV and qualifications: see the Call for applications for more details

The admission is decided by a Committee: a maximum of 30 points are available, and these will be subdivided as follows:
• a) degree and master exam marks (average mark): up to 4 points;
• b) Europass CV, with possible list of publicayions: up to 5 points;
• c) up to two presentation letters, preferably written in English, to be sent by the referee to the e-mail address concorso-dottorati@unipv.it (the object will contain first and last name of the candidate, and the title of the PhD program): up to 6 points;
• d) a research project written in English (max 5,000 characters, including spaces): up to 12 points. How to write the research proposal.
• e) a motivation letter written in English (reasons for choosing this program, future use of the PhD title, readiness to spend periods abroad, etc…): up to 3 points.

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