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Alexandra Lagorio

30° Cycle - Urban logistics and transport models in supply chain Faculty tutor: R. Pinto

Monserrath Ximena Lascano Galarza

30° Cycle - Knowledge and technology to foster food security through quality guarantee systems: A Human Development approach Faculty tutor: M. Sassi

Skevi Licollari

28th Cycle - Research area: International Business

Pak Lam Lo

30° Cycle - Infrastructure; Mobility; Econometrics; Social cost Faculty tutor: G. Martini

Elena Madeo

31° Cycle -Risk management and non-profit organizations

Giovanna Magnani

28th Cycle - Research area: International business

Emanuele Modenesi

28th Cycle - Research area: Corporate governance

Federico Moretti

30° Cycle - Innovation management, international business and management Faculty tutor: S. Denicolai

Chiara Morlotti

31° Cycle -Strategic consumers and pricing optimization

Giancarlo Nicola

31° Cycle -Development of numerical, statistical and computer methods for the analysis of structured and unstructured numerical and alphanumerical data

Laura Parisi

29° Cycle - Research area: Bayesian network approach to systemic risk

Kudzo Woedo Parkoo

30° Cycle - ICT and FOSS as tool for local development Faculty tutor: G. Rampa

Luigi Porcelluzzi

31° Cycle -The assignament of the auditing task: analysis and comparison of the existing models

Flavio Porta

29° Cycle - Research area: Research funding systems

Mariangela Quarto

31° Cycle -Manufacturing limits and process performance in micro-EDM milling

Eliana Quintilii

29° Cycle - Research area: Market design for the Italian academic job market

Lydia Christina Reichensperger

30° Cycle - Innovation Economics, Inventor Networks, and Profile of Innovators Faculty tutor: R. Fontana

Alice Rondini

30° Cycle - Product Service System Engineering Faculty tutor: P. Gaiardelli

Paolo Rosa

30° Cycle - Product End-of-Life Management and Lifecycle Optimization Faculty tutor: S. Cavalieri

Francesco Ruberto

29° Cycle - Research area: Italian SMEs and the new digital revolution
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