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Yulia Boyko

31° Cycle - Performance evaluation system for university incubators and TTOs in Italy

Giovanni Carle

31° Cycle -Emerging business models in the Life Sciences sector

Paolo Carrara

31° Cycle -Integrating evolutionary and economic models for success rate product prediction

Alice Civera

31° Cycle -Ranked and internationalized universities: the commitment to the Third Mission

Dario Fusco

31° Cycle -Technical, economic and financial feasibility of mini and micro-trigeneration plants and their application to NZEB.

Elena Madeo

31° Cycle -Risk management and non-profit organizations

Chiara Morlotti

31° Cycle -Strategic consumers and pricing optimization

Giancarlo Nicola

31° Cycle -Development of numerical, statistical and computer methods for the analysis of structured and unstructured numerical and alphanumerical data

Luigi Porcelluzzi

31° Cycle -The assignament of the auditing task: analysis and comparison of the existing models

Mariangela Quarto

31° Cycle -Manufacturing limits and process performance in micro-EDM milling
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