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Mohammed Abo Ramadan

29° Cycle - Research area: Management of ONG in Gaza

Belal Albashiti

29° Cycle - Research area: CSR and Palestinian Universities

Vincenzo Baglieri

30° Cycle - Service innovation and industrialization Faculty tutor: S. Cavalieri

Marcin Bartosiak

29° Cycle - Research area: Value of Online Review

Isabella Bianco

29° Cycle - Research area: Public research and Industry-Science Links

Yulia Boyko

31° Cycle - Performance evaluation system for university incubators and TTOs in Italy

Giovanni Carle

31° Cycle -Emerging business models in the Life Sciences sector

Paolo Carrara

31° Cycle -Integrating evolutionary and economic models for success rate product prediction

Alice Civera

31° Cycle -Ranked and internationalized universities: the commitment to the Third Mission

Valeria Colucci

30° Cycle Technological innovation and new consumer behaviour trends Faculty tutor: A. Zucchella

Elisa Conz

29° Cycle - Research area: Agri-food management

Emilia Cubero Dudinskaya

28th Cycle - Research area: Food security

Giordano De Vecchi

29° Cycle - Research area: Virtualization

Davide Donina

29° Cycle - Research area: Comparing European Higher Education Governance

Caterina Farao

29° Cycle - Research area: Competency development for HR placement

Dario Fusco

31° Cycle - Technical, economic and financial feasibility of mini and micro-trigeneration plants and their application to NZEB.

Alessandro Greppi

29° Cycle - Research area: Stock Picking and Portfolio Modeling with Bayesian Networks.

Davide Hahn

30° Cycle - Technology and Young University Entrepreneurship Faculty tutor: L. Cassia

Raed Handal

29° Cycle - Research area: Open Source Manufacturing

Shatha Hashem

29° Cycle - Research area: Banks Risk Management Practices
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